Magento Cloud Tips and Tricks

How to Edit Configuration in Web UI Make sure you have administrator rights to manage the settings. Choose an instance you want to configure. Below the instance name click the Configure environment link. See screenshot below: Here is how the settings screen looks like : Note: Some settings aren’t available on Staging/Production instances On the […]

CyberCache is much easier to install now!

It is available in ppa:cyberhull/cybercache and can be installed using Ubuntu’s package manager, apt. You can choose between Community and Enterprise editions, and the server and the Magento extension are now installable separately. The Magento extension’s PHP code can be installed by requiring cyberhull/magento2-module-cybercache in Composer. It is also included in the cybercache-extension Ubuntu packages […]

Our tips for working from home

We have prepared tips from our co-workers on how to efficiently organize your day while working remotely. Make your workspace comfortable. Pay special attention to lighting and don’t forget to air the room. Don’t work where you rest. If you have only one table, then try to temporarily remove everything that can distract you from […]


GraphQL is a query language for APIs developed by Facebook. It could be used as an alternative to Rest API. Let’s review the example of a mobile application. It’s a user page with five titles of posts and three names of followers. Below you see the result of Rest API requests. To get this data […]

Collection of materials

If you in search of ideas on how to spend the extra time you’ve got thanks to saving on commutes or avoiding social events, here is our list. Wherever applicable we added a note on resources that provide special offers during the self-isolation period. Education Coursera. Online courses from the best universities. Skillshare. Creative courses, […]

Install vs Upgrade

Install vs Upgrade Do you know the difference between composer install and composer upgrade? Let’s say the following configurations are available: magento/magento2-base: 2.3.4 symphony/console: 100.999 monolog/monolog: 1.23.5 composer.json  “require”: { “magento/magento2-base”: “2.3.3”, “symfony/console”: “*”, “monolog/monolog”: “1.16.*” } composer.lock  { “packages”: [ { “name”: “magento/magento2-base”, “version”: “2.3.3” }, { “name”: “symfony/console”, “version”: “2.3” }, { “name”: “monolog/monolog”, “version”: “1.16.0” }] } The […]

4k Demo

4k Demo Every year we organize 4k Demo competition among our colleagues that allows them to unleash their creative potential. The rules are as follows: the demo must run in a mainstream browser the size of its executable code must not exceed 4.096 bytes the demo must prominently display either “CyberHULL” text or our logo. […]

Five reasons to work with us

We work in the international market – this expands the scope of your opportunities and skills. We are interested in your professional growth, so we offer: certification programs; English lessons with native speakers; seminars and training. We value our employees and celebrate their progress on a monthly basis in such nominations as “Most Helpful Peer” […]