Collection of materials

If you in search of ideas on how to spend the extra time you’ve got thanks to saving on commutes or avoiding social events, here is our list. Wherever applicable we added a note on resources that provide special offers during the self-isolation period.

  • Coursera. Online courses from the best universities.
  • Skillshare. Creative courses, from professional photography to design and interiors. There is now two-month free access.
  • Class central. Online courses in programming from top universities.
  • Stepik. There is you can find courses in programming, mathematics, physics, biology and bioinformatics, statistics, and many more.
  • UDASITY. The education platform with online courses in programming, data science, digital marketing, and more.
  • Codeacademy. There are courses on 12 programming languages: Python, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, etc.
  • Codewars. It is a community of developers, where you can train on improving your development skills.
  • Hexlet. There are practical online programming courses.
  • Leetcode. It is a platform where you can find many free tasks that occur in interviews, code validation, comparison with other speed and resource decisions.
  • Italki. It is an international community where you can learn foreign languages with teachers from all over the world, improve pronunciation with native speakers.
  • Lingq. It is a language service where you can learn not only English but also many other languages.
  • ORORO. A service where you can watch series and movies in the original with subtitles, there is also a dictionary where you can add unknown words.
  • Skyeng. It is an English language school that combines the benefits of self-study and instruction with a teacher.
  • Culips. Podcasts for learning English.
  • Opera.
    • The Vienna Opera is a free broadcast of previous performances of the opera and ballet. The streams will be held daily at 17:00 Yerevan Armenia time and will remain available for 24 hours.
    • The New York City Metropolitan Opera has streams of performances from its website archives every night.
  • Synchronization. Cultural platform conducts free marathons on painting, film, architecture, history, and fashion.
  • TED. There are influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech, and creativity, with subtitles in 100+ languages.
  • Mastera. This is a free educational online platform with lectures by current entrepreneurs, telling about all the stages of creating creative projects.

  • Mybook. E-library gives a free month of subscription to STAYHOME promotional code.
  • Storytel. This is a large library of audiobooks in one application. It provided free access for 30 days to the entire audio library, as well as to its production podcasts.
  • Bookmate. It is a service for reading e-books by subscription. Bookmate provided free subscription for 30 days. Subscription allows access to all books, comic books, and audiobooks.