Magento Cloud Tips and Tricks

How to Edit Configuration in Web UI
  1. Make sure you have administrator rights to manage the settings.
  2. Choose an instance you want to configure.
  3. Below the instance name click the Configure environment link. See screenshot below:
Here is how the settings screen looks like :

Note: Some settings aren’t available on Staging/Production instances

On the Routes tab, you can add routes to those already available in . magento/routes.yaml

On the Users tab, you add/delete or edit access rights.

Note: You can’t grant rights of a higher level than yours. For example, if you have administrator rights then you can’t make a user become a Superuser.

On the Variables tab, you can set credentials for Magento account or external systems. You can also override any Magento settings.

Cloud instances are organized as a tree. The setting can be inherited and overridden.

Cloud instances structure:

Cloud environment variables have 3 scopes: global, build and deploy.

If CLEAN_STATIC_FILES is used, the global scope will be used.

Overriding Magento Configuration

Web UI values are overridden in the same way as in
The system variable name follows this pattern:

Example: If you need to specify the general/region/display_all configuration for a default scope, you need to use the following system variable:

For more details on scope and variable names, see: