Project Description

A unique spin in the online jewelry space, Gage Diamonds creates an online and gallery experience unlike any other business. Poised to become one of the most loved and trusted jewelers on the web, Gage guides shoppers through a build-your-own engagement ring option, offers exquisite antique and designer preset rings and jewelry, and provides a financing option for those in need.

Cyberhull was brought in to save the project on which another development group failed to meet planned timelines and exceeded the budget. Initial code and performance review revealed that code was of poor quality and outdated version of Magento was used for no good reason.

Cyberhull promptly laid out a rescue plan which included clean installation of most recent Magento Community Edition, responsive front-end theme, porting and re-writing of custom extensions. Highlight of Gage Diamonds project is “Ringbuilder” – custom web application for building engagement rings based on compatibility of ring settings and diamonds.