Project Description

The Honest Kitchen ( is a San Diego-based company that specializes in healthy, 100% human-grade pet food. Founded in 2002, they have received many accolades for the outstanding quality of their pet food, and been voted among Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work for three years running – they are people who really care.

CyberHULL architected and executed two projects for The Honest Kitchen.

The first project was a Magento store view for mobile devices, with some specific tailoring for iOS-based devices. We implemented it at the time when responsive skins were just taking off, and having a specialized mobile front-end was not that common in eCommerce. Among the challenges that we successfully overcame was skinning (for a mobile device) of all the calculators The Honest Kitchen utilized while customizing an order.

The second project was custom integration with the CIM, as well as address validation. True to their philosophy, The Honest Kitchen have requested that we not only integrate, but also implement error handling that would be especially user-friendly (by providing clear enough indication of how to correct authorization requests, a really tricky thing to do when working with credit cards) while keeping things secure, and implement address validation that, again, would be user-friendly (by being forgiving about incomplete information if actual address could still be figured out) white staying robust and reliable.