Project Description

PNI Digital Media ( specializes on on-demand personalized products; like, say, mugs with images uploaded by users. Founded in 2001, they now power 19,000 retail locations and 8,000 in-store kiosks, and have such big names Walmark and Costco among their clients.

PNI turned to CyberHULL in order to develop a portable web solution allowing their users to do bulk uploads of TIFF and JPEG files, while supporting concurrency, using existing API, and having highly dynamic UI showing real-time status of all the processing.

We have developed a solution that allowed PNI users to select arbitrary numbers of files for concurrent downscaling on client side and subsequent uploading to the PNI server (also performed concurrently). In order to achieve that, we have cross-compiled standard libjpeg and libtiff C libraries using Adobe Alchemy (now FlasCC) into ActionScript code, and developed Flash-based solution that met or exceeded all project specifications, including image processing speed.